Ongoing Projects

EEG Neurofeedback Training for optimal functioning.

Investigators: Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Abhinav Dixit (AIIMS Jodhpur)

Funded by Institute Initiation Grant

This completed project assessed the feasibility of EEG neurofeedback training for enhancing cognitive-emotional functioning among healthy adults.

Publications :

  • Kumari, M., & Sharma, A. (2020). Neurofeedback Training for Social Cognitive Deficits: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 16(10), pp. 151–171. 
  • Kumari, M., & Sharma, A. (2020). Examining Three Connected Concepts: Social Impairment and STEM; Broader Autism Phenotype; and Convergence Validity in Autistic Trait Screening Tools. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 68(12), 77-86. (Scopus) DOI:
Wisdom and Environmental Citizenship Behavior: A cross-cultural study

Investigators: Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Abhishek Sharma (Police University, Jodhpur), Dr. Bernard McKeena, Dr. Ali Intezari, Dr. Justin Brienza (The University of  Queensland, Australia)

The ongoing study explores the resolution of conflicting pro-environment behavior and materialistic gains belief and impact on environmental citizenship behavior (ECB).


  • Sharma, A., & Sharma, A. (2021). What doesn’t break you makes you stronger: An experimental validation of personal wisdom development through regret handling and personality dispositions. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 21(8), 99-114. (Scopus) DOI: 
  • Sharma, A., & Dewangan, R.L. (2018). Indian socio-cultural conception of wisdom: Does it follow universal understanding? Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 6(1), 5-19. DOI: 
  • Sharma, A., & Dewangan, R.L. (2017). Can wisdom be fostered: Time to test the model of wisdom? Cogent Psychology, 4: 1381456. (Scopus) DOI: 

Completed Projects

Digital Twins: negotiating identity and translocated heritage in the global age.

Investigators: PI from India: Prof. Ankita Sharma, PI from Switzerland: Prof. Sarah Kenderdine

Co-PIs: Prof. Santanu Choudhury, Prof. Chhanda Chakraborti, Dr. Rajendra Nagar, Dr. Manish Narwaria & Dr. Debasis Das, IIT Jodhpur, Dr. Mayurakshi Chaudhury, FLAME University & Dr Nirmala Menon, IIT Indore, Dr. Yaniv Benhamou, University of Geneva.

Funded by ICSSR and SNF (Indo-Swiss Tripartite JRP)

Brief Introduction:
The project unites humanities, digital heritage, and social science experts to grapple with the compound predicaments facing museums and curators worldwide to distribute their collections ethically, democratically, and equitably to diverse, internationally located audiences.

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Impact analysis of Community Policing Program: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra's (RKY) Taana Baana.

Investigators: Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Dr. Kiran Kumar Hiremath, Dr. Krishna Kumar Balaraman

Funded by Lokayan NGO

This ongoing project is uniquely placed on examining the impact of the community engagement initiative RKY. The impact is operationally defined as awareness, perception, participation, reach to the community, and the nature of later recall of the event.

An interdisciplinary study of Technologically Manipulated Information Its ecosystem and its psycho-social impact. (TMI Project)

Investigators: Prof. Chhanda Chakraborti, Dr. Ankita Sharma, Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Dr. Rajendra Nagar

 Funded by ICSSR

This ongoing project aims to develop a holistic understanding of the psycho-social impact of technologically manipulated information on social media users at both individual and group levels. It will bring out the potential ethical implications of the problem. 

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Preprint DOI:

Wisdom as Cognitive and Motivational – Emotional Heuristic in Ecologically Rational Decision Making.

Investigator: Dr. Ankita Sharma

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology under the Cognitive Science Initiative.

This completed work looked at wisdom as a synthesized ability and its connection with the capacity for better decision-making and handling regret in the face of failure.

Translational relation of wisdom and transformational leadership: exploring conceptualization and predictions

Investigators: Dr. Abhishek Sharma (Police University, Jodhpur), Dr. Ankita Sharma

This ongoing work asserts that certain dispositional characteristics and diversity experience may be related to transformational leadership style through a mediating mechanism involving wisdom.