Research-wise, I am broadly interested in the Psychology of excellence and well-being. The unifying thread in my work is the concept of ‘Cognitive Maturity and Optimal Human Functioning,’ and the working definition considered for it is ‘taking an individual to the next from the current level.’ Currently, my research focuses on Wisdom,Decision Making, and Social Cognition. Starting from my doctoral work, ‘wisdom’ is one concept which has been central to my research—the interconnection of wisdom with decision making in general and ethical decision making in particular. Also, wisdom with emotional and social intelligence are broader scope; I am continuing to explore.


One of my projects (sponsored by Cognitive Science Initiative, DST, GoI) explores wisdom and decision-making under uncertainty; another work explored intervention for wisdom development. The wisdom intervention study was one of the first few empirical intervention studies in this area. Thus this work was recognized by the Center for Practical Wisdom at the University of Chicago in 2017. Similarly, another wisdom study within the context of leadership was selected for the early career research award at International Wisdom Summit 2021. This was again featured in the Center for Practical Wisdom newsletterof the University of Chicago 2021

Training and outreach

Extending the same strength and skill-building beyond academic institutional boundaries, I have put significant effort into imparting the application of psychological knowledge through various training programs. I am involved with multiple training agencies as a frequent resource person, e.g., Leap Green Energy Pvt Ltd; CBS Cyber Security Services Pvt Ltd; CEPTAM DRDO; National Productivity Council; National Institute of Social Defence;NITs, IIIT Jabalpur; AIIMS Jodhpur; MBM University; Sardar Patel Police Univerity; TEQIP talk at Government Engineering Colleges; Rajiv Gandhi National Institute Of Youth Development and various others academic institutes.